There is something about nature that captivates everyone. For some, it’s the beautiful sunrise over the trees. For others, a hike through the woods, a walk on the beach or a relaxing evening around a campfire makes life worth living. And, of course, nothing beats the unmistakable sunset only Lake Michigan can deliver.

This is Northern Michigan, birthplace of freshcoast. Our company is built on and inspired by the wonders of nature. Inspiration is an amazing thing: you can seek it without ever finding it, but when it finds you, the results are incredible. We found it outside, and its hold on us is unbreakable.

freshcoast aims to capture the essence of nature and introduce the freedom of it to public spaces and offices all over the world. Waiting rooms become inviting, common areas turn into places to stop and rest wherever your hike is taking you that day and offices convert to mere extensions of real life.

Can the full, true beauty of nature be emulated? Maybe not. But it can be harnessed as an inspiration to create. For us, that means a unique brand of furniture that keeps the spirit of the outdoors thriving, wherever you may be.