See Your Future with CET Designer

At Leland, we’re always exploring modern ways to make things better. It’s true for our products, and also the way people purchase them. That’s why we’re proud to offer a CET Designer Extension, free to our customers. So, what exactly is CET Designer? Created by Configura, CET Designer is intelligent, highly visual and intuitive space-planning […]

Colorful Collaboration

What happens when you need a textile that’s as colorful as your vision? You call on Camira Fabrics. At least that’s what we did when we needed coordinating textiles for our Harmonics collection. The fabrics are true reflections of Harmonic’s vivid wood grains, and coordinates come in nine eye-catching colors inspired by Leland’s finishes: Soda […]

A Chorus of Color – Leland Harmonics

At Leland, we’ve always been confident about color. In fact, we’ve fully embraced it from day one. Our first offering, the Marquette chair, perfectly embodied that spirit back in 1992. With Marquette—and every product that has followed—we offer customization, allowing color and configuration to be specified  and support the overall design vision. Today, this legacy […]

Introducing The Handy Stool – The Story Behind the Design

At Leland, we believe enduring design starts with understanding the world around us and that’s exactly how the process for Handy Stool began. Based on Understanding For some time, Leland had been contemplating a small-scale seating product. Our informed assumption was that the workplace needed a simple solution—one that was dynamic, fun, and didn’t command a big […]

Back Bench

A 2018 Introduction for Leland International, Back Bench, designed by Burkhard Vogther, embraces simplicity in its most mysterious form. “When you take everything else away, this is what you have left, it’s what every designer wants,” said Bruce Sienkowski, Design Director for Leland. “You have a design that uses every ounce that you have, and […]

Leland Logo on Slats

NeoCon 2018: Make Yourself at Home

  This year has been a year of change for Leland International, and the spark behind the NeoCon showroom celebrates this transformation.  So, take a step in and make yourself at home, after all, that’s the goal. “In the past our showroom was more like a museum, a beautiful museum,” said Justin Burton, designer at […]

Rodney Esseltine upholstering slam chairs

Slam Master, Rodney Esseltine

Meet Rodney, Leland’s “Jack of All Trades” on the manufacturing floor. Nick-named Leland’s “Employee of Month” by his colleagues after bringing in breakfast sandwiches one morning, Rodney has been with the company for three years. With a passion for always learning something new, Rodney welcomes a good challenge – especially when it comes to upholstering […]

Bill Keller in a Rapson Forty-Eight chair

In the Hot Seat: Leland President Bill Keller

If you know Leland, you know it as a furniture company with an array of fresh, dynamic and progressive products. But Leland is so much more. Behind the beautifully designed furniture is a team of talented designers, sales representatives and support staff – all who are ultimately lead by the company’s president. On March 13, […]

Leah Tables Overhead

Inspiration: A Springtime Rain

Every piece of Leland furniture comes with a story, an inspiration. The essence of the Leah table? A springtime rain. We sat down with designer Bruce Sienkowski to learn more about his design. “The tops of the Leah table are based on the formation of puddles after a rain,” Sienkowski said. “The uniqueness of each […]

Choosing Materials

A Mid-Century Revival

Behind every design is the drive to create something timeless, something that gets better over the years. A classic mid-century room starts with reflection. Add in shades of orange or green, some clean lines and stimulating shapes, and slowly the room turns into a celebration of traditional modern style. Though the mid-century era dates back decades, the story […]

Ralph Rapson sketch of Equipment for Living

Signed, Rapson

A person’s signature speaks volumes. A symbol of authenticity and origin, an autograph stands still even after a lifetime concludes. To honor the legacy of Ralph Rapson, each piece in Leland’s Rapson Thirty-Nine Collection features just that, a physical promise of Rapson’s visionary. Though the bulk of Rapson’s fame came later in his career, his […]