See Your Future with CET Designer

At Leland, we’re always exploring modern ways to make things better. It’s true for our products, and also the way people purchase them. That’s why we’re proud to offer a CET Designer Extension, free to our customers. So, what exactly is CET Designer?

Created by Configura, CET Designer is intelligent, highly visual and intuitive space-planning software. When using the tool, Leland products look and behave like the real thing, letting you drag and drop components into 2D and 3D virtual environments.

Want to see what a group of Amadeus chairs will look like in a lounge? Done.

What about some Beach Stones? Pick a textile and have at it.

Feel like adding a Fast table? Why not two or three?

Our best-selling products are built right into the extension, and over the coming months, we’ll continue adding until our entire portfolio is available.

With CET Designer, you can design, specify, and visualize your space—and place your order just like that.

Don’t just imagine what your future space could look and feel like. Visualize your future, today, with CET Designer and Leland.


Author: Adam Barr